Partial Gym Closure Notice for NPSSCC 2018!

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Dear Climbers,

Climb Central is playing host to the National Primary School Sports Climbing Championship (a.k.a. NPSSCC) again and certain climbing areas will be affected both on the event days as well as before / after due to route setting that needs to be done.

Opening hours are not affected but do refer to the dates and times below before heading down to know how this might affect your climbing session or just head on down anyway to cheer the young ones on as they surprise you with what they can do.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thanks again for your kind support.


Climb Central


Actual Event Day:

27 March 2018, Tuesday
Top Rope & Boulder Qualifiers (Boys)

28 March 2018, Wednesday
Top Rope & Boulder Qualifiers (Girls)

3 April 2018, Tuesday
Speed Qualifiers & Finals

4 April 2018, Wednesday
Top Rope & Boulder Finals


Areas Affected:

25 March, Sunday
Partial top rope area (T06 to T13) – 6pm to 9pm

26 March, Monday
Partial top rope area (T06 to T13) – 11am to 11pm
Full boulder – 11am to 7pm
Partial boulder – 7pm to 11pm

27 March, Tuesday *Event Day*
Partial top rope area (T06 to T13) – 11am to 11pm
Full boulder – 11am to 5pm
Half boulder – 5pm to 11pm

28 March, Wednesday *Event Day*
Partial top rope area (T06 to T13) – 11am to 5pm
Full boulder – 11am to 5pm
*Come after 5pm and get to try the routes the kids were climbing on!*

2 April, Monday
Partial top rope area (T10 to T13) – 7pm to 11pm

3 April, Tuesday *Event Day*
Partial top rope (T10 to T13) – 11am to 5pm
Partial top rope (T03 to T09) – 7pm to 11pm

4 April, Wednesday *Event Day*
Partial top rope area (T03 to T09) – 11am to 5pm
Full boulder – 11am to 5pm
*Come after 5pm and get to try the routes the kids were climbing on!*

Learn to climb outdoors this April in Long Dong, Taiwan!

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Long Dong(龍洞), translates to Dragon’s Cave in English and is a coastal climbing destination located in the Northeast of Taiwan.



Long Dong is also home base for QxAdventures, comprising Qx and his wife Kelly. Aside from operating a hostel (The Bivy) for climbers, both of them been climbing, guiding and actively involved in bolting and development of the area.

Based on our common experiences climbing in Long Dong, the Climb Central team is really excited to be working with QxAdventures to share more about outdoor climbing and help you go on that dream climbing vacation!


Photo credit: QX Adventures

We have come up with a series of Going Outdoors workshops geared towards lead climbers that have little or no experience climbing outdoors.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Join us for the Introduction to Outdoors workshop

  • Held at Climb Central on 7 April, 10-2pm, $60/pax.
  • Learn about the risks of outdoor climbing from experienced outdoor climbers
  • Learn about different types of anchors and skills you will need so that you’re prepared for your next climbing trip. (We will be covering both top out technique as well as abseiling because we think both are important!)
  • Practice in the indoor setting to reduce instances of panicking outside!

Step 2: Join us for Gym to Crag in Long Dong 13-15 April 2018

  • Hosted by QxAdventures, 10am-6pm on all 3 days, $480/pax
  • A structured programme to orientate you to the crag and apply what you’ve practiced indoors.
  • Learn about different scenarios: the more you climb, the more you learn!
  • Bonus: We’re confident that Qx knows the best routes in the area and will be able to give you some insider tips on enjoying the climb
  • Flights and extensions to enjoy Taiwan are on your own


Will it be enough to just attend one class?

 The classes are designed as a package to complement each other and allow you the full experience of practising indoors and applying the skills outdoors.

If you can’t make the dates, we suggest you take the Intro to Outdoors first and take some time to consolidate and practice before doing the Gym to Crag. Just don’t take too long in between or you lose the recency effect!

Alternatively, if someone has brought you outdoor climbing but you’re looking for the technical knowledge about how to plan your own trip, you can consider the Intro to Outdoors class.

These classes focus on single pitch outdoor climbing. Multi-pitch options coming at a later date!

Do I really need to attend a course to climb outdoors?

Honestly, no. Learning a skill can happen on your own, from friends, or from an instructor. Many climbers get their first outdoor experience by tagging along with a more experienced friend. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a great mentor that gets you started and prepares you to one day bring more friends out. If not, you might find yourself having close calls or stuck in situations that you need rescuing from.

Given the growth of climbing and aspirations of climbers to climb on rock, we do think its important that there are improving standards as to what climbers should know and be equipped to do before heading outdoors. With this in mind, we have developed this course to give Singapore climbers the skills to be independent and responsible outdoor climbers. Only then can we ensure that the crags continue to be remain open accessible to all.


For more information on QxAdventures /The Bivy, check out

Alternatively, sign up for the course here or share this post with your friends!

Hope to see you in Long Dong!



Beta Kids Club (Starters) & School Holiday programmes | March 2018

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Looking for a developmental climbing class for your child? Or simply looking to enjoy some family bonding time while experiencing the joy of climbing under the guidance of our instructors? We’ve got you covered!
Registration is now open for Beta Kids Club (Starters) and March school holiday programmes!

Limited slots are available, so register now to reserve your slot!
Beta Kids Club (Starters)
Intro to Climbing for Kids / Adults & Families



Beta Kids Club (Starters) | Jan 2018

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Happy New Year!

Holidays are over and school has started!
If you are looking for an activity for your child to look forward to at the end of the school week, this is it!
Beta Kids Club (Starter) programme is a 4-session developmental class for kids to learn the ABCs (Agility, Balance, and Coordination) of climbing.

Registration is now open for Beta Kids Club (Starters) in January!
Classes are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Limited slots are available, so register now to reserve your slot!

Climb Central Goes Outdoors!

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On our recent staff trip to Climb Central Bangkok, we also took the opportunity to climb outdoors at Nam Pha Pa Yai and Lopburi! We were lucky to have great weather for both days of climbing.

Day 1: Sport Climbing at Nam Pha Pa Yai

We were off to Nam Pha Pa Yai for the first day of outdoor climbing! Nam Pha Pa Yai is a climbing area approximately 4 hours north of Bangkok. We set of at about 7am in the morning and arrived at about 11am at the Nam Pha Pa Yai campsite where we checked in for the day.

To get across to the Phasak River wall where we were climbing for the day, we had to take a short ride on the zipline across the Phasak River.

Definitely one of the more unusual approaches and a refreshing way to wake our bodies up before getting on the wall!

The Phasak River wall is a limestone cliff with a variety of climbs of different difficulty. Route maps were strategically placed for easy reference.

Amongst us, we had strong experienced climbers, and a couple of us who were climbing outdoors for the first time – All of us found a project on the wall


And the part we look forward most to after a day of climbing: Dinner buffet back at the Nam Pha Pa Yai campsite! Gotta try their amazing choc chip cookies too! After dinner, we were on the road again to our hostel in Lopburi!

We all sat together to discuss the pairings and logistics for our multi-pitch climb the next day at the Temple Area. It was important to take into account the varying climbing levels and experience of the members in our group when planning the order of climb and pairings. With 5 pairs planning to go on the same route, we also had to work out the time for our descent to make sure that all of us could get back to the car before it got dark!

Day 2: Multi-pitch at Lopburi

The multi-pitch climb: Corcovado, 6 pitches, 165m (that’s 10 times the height of CC’s lead climbing wall)

We were greeted by all the friendly furry residents living in the temple when we reached the Temple Area! A quick introduction with the monks, a small contribution to the donation box and we were on our way.

The approach to the crag was a short steep hike that got us huffing and puffing the whole way up. Let’s just say it was a good warm-up before our climb!

After finally identifying the start of the climb, it was helmets on for everyone and we sent the first climber up to lead the pack!

Here’s the midpoint of our climb! Clip in and enjoy the breathtaking view!

These were the few of us that got all the way up to the summit!

At 3pm, we started our descent back down to ground level!

We reached back down by 6pm and were soon packed and on our way back to Bangkok with many new experiences to share about. Glad we made it back down before sunset and looking forward to our next climb!

Check out this video to find out more about our #ClimbCentralVisits Bangkok 2017 trip!

To see more adventures of Climb Central at different gyms and outdoor climbing in other countries, search #ClimbCentralVisits on Instagram.

Do also follow us on Facebook / Instagram @ClimbCentral and you can be expecting us to bring you on more outdoor adventures in 2018!


Useful links to find out more:

The process of coming up with our Pie Route Tag

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As a climber, grades are important to track your progress, or help you to avoid injury on a route that is beyond your limit. For some of us, it also becomes a number we chase as a measure of our capabilities, or a mental barrier we cannot cross. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the number.

At Climb Central, we meet climbers from many different countries and many of us have the privilege to travel and climb in many more. Each country (and often each climbing gym) uses a different grading scale, forcing us to make a complicated mental calculation for each route we want to climb.

For the longest time, we have been thinking about grading systems and this is what we wanted in our ideal grading system:

  • Simple and intuitive to understand (regardless of language barriers)
  • Allows for boulder circuits, rope circuits and/or combined circuits!
  • Less focus on numbers/alphabets but still allowing you to track progression.

Our Chief Route-setter Chris, has been brainstorming and trying out various options. You might have seen some variations over the past few months as he thought about extending the boulder colour grades to the rope walls.

ZL gave us the suggestion of exploring shapes. We gave that project brief to YY, our awesome marketing intern who came back to help during her university holidays. She came up with something pretty nice:

Looked better. But it still felt complicated… So we went back to the drawing board with YY: How about the number of cups of coffee you need to finish the route? An increasing number of chili padis to indicate how spicy the route is?

Eventually, we settled on the pie. Or cake. (You can tell that the team enjoys food.) Easy routes are a piece of cake. Finish a harder route and you can have a full pie to celebrate.

It took us some time from brainstorm to implementation but we are proud to present to you what the team eventually created:

From December 2017, new route tags will be going up across all Climb Central facilities in both boulder and roped climbing areas. Special thanks to ZL for the initial suggestion and YY for spending her holidays with us and helping with the artwork.

Hope you enjoy what the team has put together!

Hello from Climb Central Bangkok!

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5th November 2017 saw the Grand Opening of the newest addition to our Climb Central family: Climb Central Bangkok!
And what better way to celebrate than to have a Climbing Carnival where participants get to climb to their heart’s content, and stand to win awesome prizes!

Image credit: Climb Central Bangkok

Our team at Climb Central SG couldn’t stand to miss all the fun so we flew to Bangkok to join in the party as well!

A couple of us even got to try climbing the IFSC Speed Climbing Wall for the first time!


It was heartwarming to see families and friends, the young, and the young-at-heart all climbing together. With more than 50 lanes to choose from, there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Image credit: Climb Central Bangkok

As for the ones who just want a place to chill and catch up with their buddies, there’s the “Hey Dude!” Cafe, which serves up delicious Thai milk tea!

While waiting for the prize presentation / lucky draw balloon drop, some of us wanted to continue riding on the adrenaline, so we went on to check out the new routes at the boulder area. Everyone got so psyched up trying out different beta for the problems and cheering on the climbers on the wall!

Image credit: Climb Central Bangkok

As we open up more climbing spaces in Singapore and around the region, our wish is to bring more opportunities and experiences to our climbers. So no matter where you’re from, or which level you are at, there is a place for you here at Climb Central.

Join our growing community of climbers from different countries, and different walks of life, brought together by the love of climbing!


Image credit: Climb Central Bangkok

Be sure to add Climb Central Bangkok to the list of climbing gyms to visit when you’re in the region! Who knows, you might even meet a climbing kaki for your future climbing trips!


Beta Basics is back! (Dec 2017)

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Our Beta Basics programme is back!

If you have recently picked up climbing and looking to improve on your climbing form and techniques, this programme is just for you! Learn the basics of balance and positioning, footwork, and movement in a series of 4 sessions starting 1 Dec (Fri), 7-8:30pm! Suitable for new climbers above the age of 13.

Sign up before 26 Nov and enjoy an early bird price of $140! Get yourself (or a friend!) an early Christmas present!

Start your climbing journey with us today! Limited slots are available, so go on and sign up here now!

Free Climbing Tryouts! | Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2017

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If you’ve always wanted to try out climbing, here’s the chance!
In conjunction with Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG, Climb Central will be offering free climbing tryouts on 11-12 Nov!

The Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG organised by Health Promotion Board, Singapore and the Grand Finale will be happening this weekend over here at Singapore Sports Hub and Kallang Wave Mall!
Come on down with your family and friends to enjoy a healthy and fun-filled weekend!

Check out the poster for more details!