Going Outdoors

Going Outdoors


Climb Central and QxAdventures are working together to create a two-part class that brings you outdoors and teaches you to be an independent outdoor climber!


As outdoor climbing comes with new risks and new challenges, this course is for climbers who would like to equip themselves with the technical skills and understanding necessary to climb in different settings and countries. No prior outdoor experience required. Come and climb outside with us too!


1. Intro to Outdoors (Conducted by Climb Central)


This 4 hour indoor workshop will share some introductory principles of outdoor climbing and allow you to practice the required skills in a controlled environment before heading outdoors.


Class will cover:
– Differences in the outdoor environment
– Protection types, anchor types and how to use them
– Topping out, abseiling and when to use what


Pre-requisite: Completed Lead Verification


When: Saturdays, 10am-2pm. Classes are conducted 4 times/ year. Check the class schedules for more information!


Cost: $60/pax



2. Gym to Crag (Conducted by QxAdventures)


Transition to outdoor climbing under the guidance of experienced, AMGA certified instructors. This is a 3 day programme builds on what you have learnt and allow you to progressively apply the skills you have learnt indoors. Prepare yourself to be able to create your own experiences in future!


Class will cover:
– Apply and practice skills in a small group setting
– Learn about variations and alternatives to manage different scenarios


Pre-requisite: Completed Intro to Outdoors class


When:  Usually Fri-Sun after Intro to Outdoors. Check the class schedule for location and dates!


Cost: $480/pax (To be paid directly to QxAdventures)