More ABD updates!

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Dear Climbers

Thank you for your feedback the past few days. We have discussed your comments and would like to share the following clarifications /updates:

  1. Use of tubular belay devices will be accepted on CC top rope walls
  • Our top rope systems are unique from the other climbing facilities as there is an additional friction device at the anchors.
  • If you use the belay method taught during our safety briefing, there are no changes and you are free to continue to do so.
  • If you choose to use your own method of attaching your own belay device (only Assisted Braking Devices or Tubular belay devices) to the system, minimum of top rope verification tag will be required from 1 June 2017.
  • More details on verifications and signups will be released at a later date.


  1. ABD Lead Workshops in February will be conducted for free
  • We will waive the $5 charge to allow lead climbers who are unfamiliar with ABDs to learn more about the devices and how they should be used for lead climbing.
  • Open to climbers with an existing lead verification tag.
  • Check-in for the day to enjoy this free workshop
  • Sign up early to reserve your slot (max 12 per session)
  • Link:
  • Additional sessions of ABD lead workshops and ABD top rope workshops will be considered at a later date.


  1. Rationale for the MegaJul as a rental device
  • The usage of MegaJul / Jul 2 is similar to a tubular device and this will facilitate transition. For the process of giving slack, you can use it exactly as you would use a tubular device. Both devices work well with our lead rental ropes.
  • As the local prices for MegaJul and Jul^2 were the same, we decided to go with the MegaJul so that climbers learning the device will have the flexibility to proceed beyond single-pitch climbing in future.
  • Read more here


  1. Speak to us to find out where to get an ABD
  • CC does not do retail. However,  speak with any of our staff to point you in the right direction to get one. In addition,  there will still be free rental of the Mega Jul until 1 June 2017.
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