Additional Forms

For new Orange and White pass purchase, please fill in this form before heading down to Climb Central. Orange Pass and Orange Pass with Lockers are subject to availability. Check with our staff before selecting these options.

You will need to come to our counter to pay the initiation fee of $100 and pro-rated dues for the 1st month.

For requests for freezing and cancellation. Please submit your request by the 20th of the month before.

Freezes can only start on the 1st day for the month, for a min of 2 weeks, max of 3 months. Maintenance of frozen accounts will be charged at $10/month.

Freeze charges will be waived for medical reasons evidenced by doctor’s letter /medical certificates. For medical-related requests, please DO NOT fill in this form. Instead, email us at with a copy of your doctor's letter /medical certificate.

For requests for changes to billing methods (change of credit card number OR automatic billing to manual OR manual billing to automatic).

Current subscription holders that would like to change their subscription type should also use this form. You will need to complete your conversion at our counter. No new initiation fee charges apply for change of subscription type.

Changes will only take effect after you physically come down to CC to confirm change. This must be done before the end of the month for the change to be active for next month