More ABD updates!

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Dear Climbers

Thank you for your feedback the past few days. We have discussed your comments and would like to share the following clarifications /updates:

  1. Use of tubular belay devices will be accepted on CC top rope walls
  • Our top rope systems are unique from the other climbing facilities as there is an additional friction device at the anchors.
  • If you use the belay method taught during our safety briefing, there are no changes and you are free to continue to do so.
  • If you choose to use your own method of attaching your own belay device (only Assisted Braking Devices or Tubular belay devices) to the system, minimum of top rope verification tag will be required from 1 June 2017.
  • More details on verifications and signups will be released at a later date.


  1. ABD Lead Workshops in February will be conducted for free
  • We will waive the $5 charge to allow lead climbers who are unfamiliar with ABDs to learn more about the devices and how they should be used for lead climbing.
  • Open to climbers with an existing lead verification tag.
  • Check-in for the day to enjoy this free workshop
  • Sign up early to reserve your slot (max 12 per session)
  • Link:
  • Additional sessions of ABD lead workshops and ABD top rope workshops will be considered at a later date.


  1. Rationale for the MegaJul as a rental device
  • The usage of MegaJul / Jul 2 is similar to a tubular device and this will facilitate transition. For the process of giving slack, you can use it exactly as you would use a tubular device. Both devices work well with our lead rental ropes.
  • As the local prices for MegaJul and Jul^2 were the same, we decided to go with the MegaJul so that climbers learning the device will have the flexibility to proceed beyond single-pitch climbing in future.
  • Read more here


  1. Speak to us to find out where to get an ABD
  • CC does not do retail. However,  speak with any of our staff to point you in the right direction to get one. In addition,  there will still be free rental of the Mega Jul until 1 June 2017.

Why the Change?

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Dear Climbers

Here’s some insight into Climb Central’s decision-making process on the move to introduce assisted braking device (ABDs) and improve belaying standards.

  1. Usage of ABDs may result in an increased margin of safety
    ABDs are designed to assist a belayer to hold a falling or hanging climber. A report by the German Alpine Club shows that usage of ABDs results in an increased margin of safety. The rate of observed error falls from 1.09 errors per person on a non-ABD, to 0.5-0.75 with the ABDs that were tested. See full report here.
  1. Proficient belaying, education and training are still important
    An ABD or any belay device, is only effective if used in the intended manner. When using a new belay device, climbers will not only need to be a proficient belayer but also need to learn about manufacturer’s usage recommendations, as well as the advantages and limitations of each device. As the number of new climbers increases, we need to do more if current levels of education, training and checks are insufficient.
    Climb Central will run ABD workshops on the Click Up, Mega Jul and Lifeguard. Sign-ups are already open here. We want you to understand the limitations of each device, practice using them and be equipped to choose your own.
  1. Other climbing gyms have taken this step to manage risk. Should we follow?
    Despite our best efforts, some risks will remain inherent. We know of some facilities in US, Canada and Australia that only allow ABD or have pre-equipped all lanes with GriGris as an additional precaution (e.g. BKB Chicago, Allez Up, Junction Climbing, Bayside Rock Climbing). While these are not a majority, the central question is how we can reduce or eliminate as many risks as possible. One injury could affect the reputation of the entire sport of climbing. It could also be an injury to someone we know.
    Climb Central has committed to 3 x per week evening re-verification to ensure you are able to confidently climb /belay and also use your preferred ABD. This will be done between March to May, before our ban on 1 June 2017. We are also working towards a system where verification is focused on skill proficiency and not attendance at classes.
  1. Change will continue to happen.
    Time, energy and other resources will be required for every change. Nonetheless, manufacturers are consistently improving their technology and introducing new belay devices. Regardless of how we feel, we should not be ignorant of these developments. Find out more about 2017 ABDs launches here or learn about manufacturer thinking here.
    Climb Central will not restrict or recommend any particular ABD. However, for operational ease, we will only be renting out the Mega Jul. Rental will be free until 1 June 2017. We will also be training our staff on general principles of ABD usage and to conduct verification in accordance to recognized standards. It should be noted that ABD usage does not change core principles of belaying. It remains the responsibility of climbers using any personal equipment in the facility to use the equipment in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

We hope this answers some of your questions and addresses some of your concerns. Please feel free to speak to us if you would like to know more.

General Announcement: Introduction of Assisted Braking Devices and Improvements to Belaying Standards

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Dear Climbers

Climb Central is planning some changes in the next few months to introduce assisted braking devices (ABDs) and improve belaying standards!

Mid-Feb 2017: Join an ABD Lead Workshop

Who is it for Existing lead climbers (with lead tag) that want to learn more about the different types of ABDs and practice using them. CC staff will be sharing about the Mega Jul, Click Up and Lifeguard.
Cost Entry for the day + $5 workshop fee

Update 14 Feb: we’ll be waiving the $5 workshop fee

Dates /Times ·         Weekdays: 16, 21, 23, Feb (Tues /Thu),  7-8.30pm and 9-10.30pm

·         Weekends: 18 and 25 Feb (Sat), 5-6.30pm, 7-8.30pm

Sign up Sign up at or at the CC counter. Max of 12 pax per timeslot on a first come first serve basis. No cancellations or change of date after payment.


Mar 2017: Take the ABD Lead Verification

Who is it for Orange /White Pass or Monthly Pass Holder? Previously passed a lead verification at CC?
Cost 1st time free verification

(till 31st Mar 2017)

1st time free verification

(till 31 May 2017)

Dates /Times ·         Off Peak Timeslots: Before 5pm on Fridays

·         Peak Timeslots: Tues, Thu and Sat evenings

Sign up ·         Eligible holders will be emailed with link to book your preferred timeslot. Timeslots are available on a first come first serve basis.

·         Verification can be done on any ABD but it should be the one that you are most familiar with and that you will be using regularly. Bring your own ABD or borrow a Mega Jul from us (free rental for duration of verification).

·         CC will not be able to accommodate peak hour verification outside of the fixed timeslots.


Apr 2017: Take the ABD Lead Verification /ABD Top Rope Belay Verification

  • Open to everyone. $$10 verification fee per pax for each verification. 1st time free verification (till 31 May 2017) if you have previously passed a lead verification at CC.
  • Follow our Facebook page /website for announcement of timeslots and signup
  • Update 25 Feb: Click here for more information on verification.
  • Update 15 Mar: Click here for link to verification signup

Apr 2017: Join our Lead or Top-Rope Belay Classes

  • Failed the verification or looking to learn how to lead climb /belay or top rope belay in an indoor gym setting? Look out for our classes launch!
  • Update 15 Mar: Click here for link to Lead Practice classes. Lead Practice classes focuses on those transitioning to an ABD, belayer positioning, dynamic catching, and efficient clipping, amongst other things. More classes coming soon!

1 Jun 2017: Display a new Verification tag and use an ABD!

  • New Lead Verification tag and use only ABDs for lead climbing at Climb Central, Climb Asia and Onsight.
  • New Top Rope Verification tag and use only ABDs at Climb Central top rope walls (if you are using your own belay device).

Questions? Check with our staff or look out for updates.


Links to all other ABD /Verification Update Posts

Update (11/2): 

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Update (25/2): 

Update (15/3): Sign up for Verification here or for a Lead Practice class here.



Climber Contributions – What would you like to see in the next edition of The Central News?

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Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017 – Opening Hours

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24 Dec 2016 (Saturday) – 9am to 5pm (Eve of Public Holiday)
25 Dec 2016 (Sunday) – 9am to 9pm (Public Holiday)
26 Dec 2016 (Monday) – 9am to 9pm (Public Holiday)

31 Dec 2016 (Saturday) – 9am to 5pm (Eve of Public Holiday)
1 Jan 2017 (Sunday)- 9am to 9pm (Public Holiday)
2 Jan 2017 (Monday) – 9am to 9pm (Public Holiday)


Nov 2016 – Dec 2016 School Holidays Programmes!

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End year school holiday is round the corner! Are you ready for a month of fun and exciting adventures?

Come down with your kids for a walk-in entry during our extended opening hours (we start at 10am!) or sign them up for a climbing programme and let our instructors guide them along.

Intro for Kids:
Beta Kids Club:…/beta-kids-club-starter-sessions/
Intro for Families:
A.B.C Camp:…/awesome-beta-climbing-camp-abc-…/


Dec Sch Hols Poster

Young Ones, Big Climbs

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Have you seen our Youth Team climbers around?


Ethan, Jade, and Kyla have been climbing together since May 2016 and we recently welcomed Kai‘Ze to the team as well.

The CC Youth Team was started to provide committed youth with an opportunity to pursue their passion in climbing and train regularly outside of a school setting.

Youths on the team receive a sponsorship to climb and train at Climb Central as recognition for their willingness to both pursue climbing as a sport and to share climbing with those around them. They serve as representatives and ambassadors of Climb Central reminding us to stay humble and keep working hard to improve!

Ethan, Jade, Kyla and Kai’Ze have official training twice a week under Coach Lynnette Koh every Wednesday and Sunday, and it’s great to see them improve and grow together.

Recently, the team has started to venture out more into carnivals and friendly competitions. Check out a video of the girls on the Friendship Challenge at Bouldermania 2016.

In September 2016, Ethan and Kai‘Ze also visited Tehran, Iran as part of a Youth C team for the Asian Youth Championships. They didn’t come back with a medal but it was definitely a great experience for them.


To end off with some wise words from Lynnette: “I want my kids to be great ambassadors not just for Climb Central but also the climbing community — good climbers with good values. I want these kids to be an inspiration to the community.”

We share big dreams for our Youth Team. Say hi the next time you seen them around!